About the dvd

This blog has been set up to help overseas fans in ordering the You’re beautiful director’s cut preorder version dvd.

Here is some info on why this dvd is so special and a must get!

Explanation about the nature of the preorder director’s cut dvd

First of all, I understand alot of people are confused and unsure about this director’s cut dvd and preorder version of the dvd and are worried about paying in advance. Let me explain a little bit about the situation. Usually, the preorder version/special version of the director’s cut dvd is not made available to overseas fans. The preorder version is basically a dvd made for die hard fans of the drama – it’s a dvd made FOR the fans (that’s why the production team wants the opinions and suggestions/contributions of fans) and they try to satisfy and include as much as what fans want into this special version of the dvd. So this version is usually just distributed for the diehard fans amongst the fan community – it doesnt happen for every drama and only happens if there is enough demand for it. So that is why the daum cafe was set up in the first place. They had to gather enough response for the production companies to actually consider creating such a project. This is how it works for such dvds usually. It’s not a dvd production which is initiated by production companies, but rather a FAN-REQUESTED dvd. So usually in Korea, if a particular drama is very popular and there is a high demand for such a dvd, fans will gather enough ppl to buy then contact production companies. If it goes through, only then will there be this special dvd. This dvd does not get marketed on big shopping sites as normal dvd box sets do, but is rather a dvd which is only sold amongst fan communities in secret almost. That is why they ask for people to pay in advance – because they will produce the amount that is actually ordered. ie so if 2000 copies are ordered, 2000 copies will be produced. That is why this preorder version of the dvd will NOT BE AVAILABLE AFTER THE PREORDER PERIOD ENDS. Not only will it not be available overseas, it wont be available in korea either. You wont be able to find it in a shop or online sites in korea or overseas because it is not a mass production but rather a make to the order production. As a result, the director’s cut dvd which will come out after the the preorder ends will be different to this preorder version.

This is also the reason why this type of dvd is usually very hard for overseas fans to get. Because such a project is so small scale and secretive, they will not plan to deliver overseas. BUT in the case of YB, we have been very fortunate, because they know of the popularity of the series overseas which is why they decided to include overseas fans into the equation. Otherwise, overseas fans would not be able to get such a version of the dvd unless you knew someone in korea who told you about it and got it for you.


20 responses

12 12 2009

so, how can I get the DVD exactly??

12 12 2009

please refer to the preorder information section


14 12 2009

does this dvd set have English subtitles? thanks.

14 12 2009

I’ve already preordered this boxset but I just have one question. I’m from Canada so will I be able to play it on my Region 1 DVD player? I heard this is not confirmed yet so I’m kinda getting worried now.

15 12 2009

announcement about regon 1 will be made soon over the next day or 2
should be fine:)

14 12 2009

How do I pre-order for one?

1 01 2010

does it include english subs?? im from sri lanka wil there be a regional block?

thanx for the info 🙂

2 01 2010

the 16 episodes will be subbed
sri lanka is region 5 so there will be no problem

3 01 2010

uhm, wer can i buy ds. cos im really addicted to ds film. && i live in cebu, philippines. please give me more info. enx

3 01 2010

do you deliver to kuwait?

3 01 2010

they should

5 01 2010

I wanna ask…when i can buy the dvd at malaysia? when will come out? the price around how much?

7 01 2010

Helping Cecilia out here…

Well, if you want to buy the D-cut DVDs, the only way is to purchase it from innolife site (link somewhere near top), price is US$120. This set of DVDs are released especially for YAB fans and will not be available once preorder ends on 15th Jan.

7 01 2010

Hi Cecilia, I tried to contact you at danielrulz@hotmail.com but haven’t received a response. Would you please email me and let me know if I or you can get in touch with the production team regarding the possibility of re-dubbing a word in the DVD. Thanks!

7 01 2010

Hi Cecilia, please ignor my last message. Reached resolution. Thanks!

23 01 2010

how can i get one? can i buy here, from the Philippines? is it still available? are there still available copies? and HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? :)))))

24 01 2010


2 02 2010

is the DVD still available for pre-order? If so, what does it include? I purchased the other dvd and really want this one…are you going to ship to Hawaii?

22 04 2010

is the extras in the DVD set subtitled?

30 05 2010

hi!how much is it i’m from Philippines, does it have behind the scenes and interviews of the cast and I’ve also heard that it is 20 episodes is it true?, I’ve been looking for it a long time but I can’t find copies of it and suddenly I drop by here it was lucky for me to have found this I hope it’s still available.thanks in advance.

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