Exchange information for faulty DVDs

5 03 2010

Some people have received DVDs which have been faulty and have asked about exchange. I have been in contact with ENE and they have informed me that they will be replacing faulty DVDs (They will send out the DVDs only, not the whole boxset). This applies for those who bought their DVDs through innolife AND Yes24.

Although Yes24 are doing the exchange for customers in Korea, they are not doing it for overseas customers. Therefore, if you purchased your DVD through Yes24 and are living overseas, you cannot go through Yes24 to get your replacement but must go through ENE.  This is also the case for those who purchased their DVD through innolife. Innolife acts as a middle person only so they are not responsible for any product related problems (ie if something has gone wrong with your delivery, it is innolife’s responsibility; if something has gone wrong with the DVD, it is ENE, the production company’s responsibility).

As shipping overseas is costly and takes alot of time, please check on more than one computer/dvd machine to make sure that it is a DVD problem and not a computer/dvd machine problem.

I do not have confirmed details on how the exchange process will work as yet but am in the process of working that out with ENE. However, it has been confirmed by ENE that THEY will be the ones sending out the replacements.

If you believe that you have a faulty DVD, please leave your order number and email address below and details of the problem you are experiencing. I will collect your details and pass them onto ENE, then contact you via email to inform you of the details thereafter.


Regarding the poster

2 03 2010

For those who paid extra for the poster to be sent to you in a tube but received it folded, dont worry!

I’ve just talked to innolife support and I’ve been told that everyone who paid an extra $10 for the poster to be sent in a tube will be getting TWO posters – one folded which comes in a package and a 2nd one in a tube which you will be getting separately via airmail (not EMS) so it might take up to 14 days for the 2nd poster to arrive.



Info about DVD

23 02 2010

For those who wanted to know which poster is included with the dvd, here’s a pic

Here’s a tracklist of the DVD itself

Disc 1 – Eps 1 & 2; Director Hong Sung Chan interview (27min 36sec)

Disc 2 – Eps 3 & 4; Jang Keun Suk interview (24min 10sec)

Disc 3 – Eps 5 & 6; Park Shin Hye interview (18min 47sec)

Disc 4 – Eps 7 & 8; Lee Hong Ki interview (17min 23sec)

Disc 5 – Eps 9 & 10; Jung Yong Hwa interview (15min 32sec)

Disc 6 – Eps 11 & 12; Commentary 1 (32min 20sec)

Disc 7 – Eps 13 & 14; Commentary 2 (25min 14sec)

Disc 8 – Eps 15 & 16; Commentary 3 (36min 8sec)

Disc 9 – Making film (180min)

1. Hwang Tae Kyung’s drowning incident
2. Chase them! Minam courier service
3. Please give me the radish!
4. A phone date with the milk guy
5. The long journey in finding Tae kyung
6. Minam’s generation
7. Icecream and bike
8. The fallen leaves’ fairy tale of an autumn’s day
9. On the set of Minam TV
10. Save Go Mi Nyu!
11. Tae Kyung’s piano serenade
12. The lost hairpin
13. I’ll finish the kiss scene quickly for you!
14. Music video preview screening
15. A.N.JELL’s trip to the supermarket
16. The heartpounding kissing scene between Tae Kyung and Minam
17. Hyungnim, it’s really ok
18. My fingers are stuck together
19. Shy Jeremy’s photoshoot
20. Barefooted Yooheyi
21. The sea eel and pig rabbit song
22. On the verge of collapsing
23. The pasta made for Yooheyi
24. No cut interview – Minam & Shinwoo
25. The case of A.N.JELL’s airport attack
26. KISS
27. The coffee I make…
28. The day the last scene was filmed

Disc 10 –

(1) OST music videos (19min 43sec)

*Without words
*Lovely Day
*My heart wants
*Promise (Jang Keun Suk theme)

(2) Parody videos (3min 48sec)

(3) Character videos (49sec)

(4) Performance videos (34min 43sec)

Once again, the package includes – 10 dvds, photobook, poster, calendar, Million angels fanclub membership card + ONE random YB item (random items include: pig rabbit, YB storybook, YB novel book, stickers, pig rabbit key holder, Minam handphone cleaner, glow in the dark handphone accessory, 2nd OST etc)

A few more tidbits about shipping

17 02 2010

Many of you may have received or will receive a confirmation email from innolife that the payment for the shipping has been processed successfully.  Just some main points to clarify:

(1) Shipping from innolife will start on the 22nd February 2010.

(2) When your DVD has been shipped out, you will receive an email with tracking number from innolife.

(3) The english name you wrote in the liaison matters box when you paid for the shipping (for the ANJell fanclub membership card) is only used to confirm & match up your shipping payment with the DVD & ANJell card information. So if you did not submit the name you would like to have on the card to me previously, you will get a card with no name on it.

If you put a different name in the liaison matters box to the one you sent me, you may want to email innolife just to make sure.

(4) It seems that the english of the staff at innolife is not that great and that some ppl’s emails are being misunderstood by them. If you would like to send them an email/leave a msg on the board to notify them of the order number and/or the name for the ANJell membership card, please write in chinese if you can or I have included a template in chinese below.

我的訂單號碼是 (insert order number here)

卡上的名字是 (insert membership card name here)

(Translation: Hi, I have already made a payment for the shipping but forgot to add the name for the membership card in the liaison matters box. Can I add it now?

My order number is (insert order number here)

The name for the card is (insert membership card name here)

Thank you)

Preorder information & release date update

21 01 2010

At the moment, total orders from Korea and overseas is around 3500 and it has been decided that an additional 500 copies will be available for preordering from the 21st January. As this is being carried out in Korea and overseas at the same time, this will end once 500 orders have been reached (so there is no definite deadline). HOWEVER, all orders from the 21st will be different to the limited version from before. It will include:

DVD x 8 discs, extra vids x 2 discs, photobook, poster, calendar

If you still like to order this, please make your way to innolife now.

For everyone who ordered the dvd before the 21st, some of the random YB related items which may be sent to you include: Pig rabbit doll, YB story book, YB novel, YB sticker set, pig rabbit key ring, glow in the dark key ring, YB OST 2

The release of the regular version of the director’s cut DVD is planned for March.

The release of the limited preorder version of the director’s cut DVD is planned for 19th February 2010.

URGENT – preorder period extended

20 01 2010

Just received an email from ENE, they have decided that they will leave the preorder version available for overseas fans to preorder from innolife til the end of today (20th January 2010) Korean time. This also means that for anyone who put through an order after the 15th will still be getting the limited preorder version.

This is really your last chance! If you missed out, now’s the time to do it!

After today, the limited version will not be available



News from ENE Media [1.13.2010]

13 01 2010

I have been in contact with the representative from ENE media regarding the dvd and I have been told that the total number of overseas orders (not including Japan) has reached 650 (this is the number from a few days ago). Way to go!!!! The total orders for Korea is about 2000 so including the 150 or so orders from Japan, the total number of orders is heading for 3000!

Regarding the subs for the extras, there is still no confirmation. The production company at the moment is in negotiation/trying to convince SBS to include english subs also for the extras. It is not the norm for extras to be subbed so this is why this is taking so much more work. The ENE representative has therefore said that for now, he will say that the extras will not be subbed BUT he has promised that they will try their very best til the end to try to make it happen. So if the extras’ subs end up happening, I will inform everyone. I hope that the increased numbers will also help in this cause.

There is not much time left! Grab it while you can!