If you have problems regarding your order at innolife, please post your query here

If you like to contact the Korean team organising the dvd, please go to the director’s cut dvd daum cafe

If you have any further questions which you would like to make private, you can contact me at (Cecilia)


20 responses

20 12 2009

I would i like to know what language would it come out in? the innolife bracketed chinese so would the audio be in chinese or korean? hear form you soon. thank you.

20 12 2009

on innolife, the drama info page is in chinese
but the dvd itself is in korean with eng subs

30 12 2009

do you know when i can received the DVD cut version? i already ordered and they had deducted my creditcard. thank you!!!:-)

30 12 2009

there’s no confirmed release date yet
but as soon as it is released it will be sent to u

9 01 2010

Hi, how much is this gonna cost? Is this pre-ordering before the DVD comes out or…?
Also, when is this drama going to be released, so I can buy it anywhere? xD

Thanks! 🙂

13 01 2010

hi,i am a filipina working here in israel and i have been addicted with this drama.. i just saw this site about the dvd and it is now 13th of january here in israel,14th of january now here in korea for we are 7 hours behind..i saw the deadline of ordres will be on the 15th of january..and i just wanna ask how much is the price of the full dvd with the cut version in US dollars for if i will gonna order it,i will gonna send the payment through western union,the only means of money transfer i know in here all over the world…if i am not late yet..but i just want to know how much it costs first .how much won is 1 USdollar? thanks and more power…

13 01 2010

the price is US $120 but payment can only be made via credit card

29 01 2010

Hi There,

I am a recent addictee to You’re Beautiful and it appears I just missed the deadline. The Feb 19 drop date is that also in the US? Would you know where I could locate a copy stateside? Really sad that I missed the pre-order and the extra goodies.

Thank You

29 01 2010

the regular version will be out in march in korea

31 01 2010


I know I missed the deadline OTL, but I was wondering if there is another way I can order the dvd. I’ve been waiting for this version for months!

Thanks! TT.TT

5 02 2010


I really want to thank you for introducing the director cut dvd……if’t it’s not you, i wouldn’t even know tthe existence of these dvds…..thank you….thank you…….THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU….

3 03 2010

Hi, Cecilia,
I hope you’d get a chance to read this message before you head to the post office. I sent you a couple of emails requesting to send the pkg to me instead of sending it back to innolife. I will of course reimburse you for the trouble and cost of shipping to California.
Please let me know.
thank you!!!

3 03 2010

i’ve sent u an email, please check it and reply to me 🙂
add me on msn if needed (it’s the hotmail address)

4 03 2010

i’m a little sad that the extra footage do not contain sub titles, so i have no idea what they are saying. Being non Korean, it’s not as fun:(

5 03 2010

Hi Cecilia,
Sorry if this is off-topic; I’ve emailed you and also posted this in “Info on DVD”.

At the beginning of all this, there was mention(and a lot of buzz afterwards) of the inclusion of a deleted passionate kissing scene in Episode 14. It involved Mi-nam and Tae-kyung and took place in or near an elevator…remember? Anyway, I’ve watched Episode 14 in its entirety, and I did not see this scene. I’ve watched all 16 eps, and it’s nowhere to be found. Another person read my comments, and didn’t see it either. Was this deleted scene, as well as others, left out? I’m still very happy and satisfied with this dvd set, otherwise…but it’s kind of a bummer if the production company left this scene(and others) out, when I recall it was confirmed that it would definitely be included. Again, not a huge deal…but still….

I’ve posted it before, but it bears repeating–Huge Thanks, Cecilia, for making it so much easier for all of us to get our hands on this wonderful D-cut dvd set! =)

24 03 2010
mai sengkhammee

hi, i was just wondering,i just purchased the yab dvd’ was a total of $142.00 us dollars…i understand that the drama is $ does that mean that in the $142.oo us dollars that i paid included the shipping already???
Please someone let me know..this is my first oversea purchased so i’m kinda worried.Thanks a bunch.

26 03 2010


I just wanted to ask a question. On the DVDHeaven site they are selling a ‘new’ version of the Director’s cut DVD. Do you know if this is legitimate or not? I was unable to purchase the original DC DVD earlier so am really interested in buying this if it is legitimate.


14 04 2010

is the preorder still work out? i miss the info of this

14 04 2010

is the preorder still work out?i miss the info of this 😦

9 05 2010
Jenny Shin

I need to exchange the faulty DVDs that I ordered from Innolife. My order # is 8531. Thank you so much for your help in contacting ENE.

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