IMPORTANT – ‘Million Angels’ ANJell Fanclub membership card

20 01 2010

As all of you know, the preorder version of the dvd includes a “Million Angels” (ANJell fanclub) membership card as part of the package. All membership cards will be personalised and printed with your name. In order to make sure that the name you desired appears on the card, I will be collecting the information and handing it over to ENE media.

Please send the following information in the way set out below to

Purchaser (as it was written on innolife)/Receiver/The name which you would like to have on the card/Full address/Email address

For example

Hwang Tae Kyung/Hwang Tae Kyung/TaeKyung/1 Taekyung street, Minamtown, NSW 2000, Australia/

In the case where you have ordered more than 1 set, please write it on separate lines. ie. If you made an order for 3 dvds, then you would fill in the above 3 times. (Send it to me in one email and not 3 emails though)

There will be a deadline for this (havent set one yet, in discussion with ENE at the moment). As soon as I have a firm date, I will make a notice here. But in the meantime, please start sending the information to me. Please make sure that you check that the spelling is all correct before you send it to me as ENE will not be responsible for any typing errors you make.

Please ONLY send the required information to the above email address. Do NOT send any enquiry emails or emails regarding other issues. They will NOT be answered. Please understand as I am expecting to receive over 700 emails so it will be greatly appreciated if you could make life easier for me.

Thank you


URGENT – preorder period extended

20 01 2010

Just received an email from ENE, they have decided that they will leave the preorder version available for overseas fans to preorder from innolife til the end of today (20th January 2010) Korean time. This also means that for anyone who put through an order after the 15th will still be getting the limited preorder version.

This is really your last chance! If you missed out, now’s the time to do it!

After today, the limited version will not be available



Update on contents of DVD package [1.18.2010]

19 01 2010

Official notice from daum cafe in korean can be found here

(1) Total of 16 episodes including 100-110 minutes of cut scenes – 2 episodes on each discs to make up a total of 8 discs

(2) 2 discs of extra videos

Commentary on memorable scenes + full versions of concerts + animation full versions + making videos (unseen vids, not from SBS)+ 5 music videos (produced by Director Hong – 5 different songs, 5 MVs) + NG videos etc

This makes a total of 10 discs.

(3) Package includes photobook (60-70 pages) + Million angels membership card + poster + calendar (postcard size) + YB related item

Photobook will only include unseen photos

(4) Script – about one episode’s worth of the script is being planned to be included into the photobook but it is not confirmed yet (The writers are a bit sensitive to anything related to the script). It will be impossible to include the whole script

(5) Actors’ autographs – A printed version of the autographs will definitely be included into all dvd packages. They will try to obtain as many actual signed autographs as possible and this will also be sent out with the packages RANDOMLY.

Once again, actual signed autographs will not be included in all dvd packages. It seems that only a small amount will be available and there is no confirmation as yet as to how many

News from ENE Media [1.13.2010]

13 01 2010

I have been in contact with the representative from ENE media regarding the dvd and I have been told that the total number of overseas orders (not including Japan) has reached 650 (this is the number from a few days ago). Way to go!!!! The total orders for Korea is about 2000 so including the 150 or so orders from Japan, the total number of orders is heading for 3000!

Regarding the subs for the extras, there is still no confirmation. The production company at the moment is in negotiation/trying to convince SBS to include english subs also for the extras. It is not the norm for extras to be subbed so this is why this is taking so much more work. The ENE representative has therefore said that for now, he will say that the extras will not be subbed BUT he has promised that they will try their very best til the end to try to make it happen. So if the extras’ subs end up happening, I will inform everyone. I hope that the increased numbers will also help in this cause.

There is not much time left! Grab it while you can!


5 01 2010

The innolife page is back up again! Please make your way there to place your order.


Update on dvd – official notice from daum cafe

30 12 2009

Original notice in korean can be found here


(1) Director’s cut dvd package – updated

[1] Total of 16 episodes with 100-110 minutes edited scenes included. These 16 episodes will be split in 8 discs with 2 episodes on them each.

[2] There will be a total of 2 discs of extra videos – this includes the commentary of the memorable scenes by the actors, unseen videos, NGs etc and will be a total of about 4-6 hours. The commentary part will be about one hour to one hour and 30 minutes.

So there will be a total of 10 discs.

[3] The package will include a photobook (60-70 pages) + “Million Angels” (ANJell’s fanclub name) membership card + poster as well as a random You’re beautiful related item (for example, a pig rabbit doll etc).  There may also be other additions on the package.

On top of all this, because director Hong is very passionate about this drama, at the moment he is working on editing the music/sound for the WHOLE DRAMA in order to enhance the quality and to show us an even better version of the drama to the one which was broadcasted.

(2) Preorder period extension
The deadline for preorder has been pushed back til the 15th January 2010. For those who were struggling to meet the deadline, now’s your chance!

Update on confirmed details on the dvd – official notice from daum

16 12 2009

The original Korean version can be found here


(1) As stated before, the cut scenes will be included into the 16 episodes and will all be subbed

(2) Due to the fact that the copyrights have been sold already to America, unfortunately region code 1 will not be available on the director’s cut DVD. For fans in the US, the DVD will need to be played either on your computer or via a region code free DVD player. However, the version which will be released in the US in the future will be DIFFERENT TO THE KOREAN PREORDER VERSION OF THE DIRECTOR’S CUT DVD. (English subtitles are still 100% confirmed so there’s no need to worry about that part. As for the english subtitles for the extras, yesterday during the meeting, admins spoke to SBS producer Song and related persons from ENE media and strongly emphasized the need to sub the extras as well. Let’s cross our fingers and hope this happens!)

So the confirmed region codes are : 3 – Korea, South east Asia; 4 – Australia, New Zealand, South America; 5 – Russia, Africa; 6 – China

(3) The full videos from the concerts in YB will be included (confirmation received from director Hong Sung Chang)

(4) The full version of the chracter animation videos will be included in the extras (confirmation received from director Hong Sung Chang)

(5) Making videos will be included in the extras (confirmation from director Hong Sung Chang)

(6) Rehearsal videos/ script reading videos – director Hong Sung Chang will check if there is such footage available from the production company, if there is, it will be included

(7) Photobook – a photobook of approximately 70 pages will be included (confirmation from production company). They are aiming for a high quality photobook and will try to create one in the style that fans would like to see.

(8) If the full versions of the 6 parody videos are available, they will be included (confirmation from director)

(9) Collection of NGs (Director said that there werent alot of NGs – indeed it is because of our ANJells that there arent that many!) – if there are, they will be included also.

(10) Commentary – carried out by the 4 ANJells and director Hong Sung Chang

*The packaging of the DVD is being planned as well and suggestions from fans will be reflected upon*


Another important notice! The information on innolife has finally been updated! It now states the subtitles to be in english and region codes to be 3,4,5,6. People who were waiting for the confirmation can now order!